Web Proxy

Use to surf the net anonymously with ease without any technical knowledge required! Basically, our service enables you to surf under a different IP address and appear from Texas, USA. Not only will you be able to surf anonymously, you will also be able to bypass any existing webfilters and unlock all of your favourite sites at school, college or work.


Unblock Sites at School

Are you at school/college/work and do you get very annoyed at this certain thing called a “web filter” which invades your privacy and blocks a lot of sites you wish to access for “research work” ? Help is at hand! Our service allows you to bypass those very annoying web filters with just one click! For all you technical geeks who wish to know how: our script installed on our server in Texas enables you to surf under our IP address, thus establishing a new connection to our ISP which “confuses” your current web filter.,,,